Why Us

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, BLP Film Studios is an all-inclusive facilitator of film and television entertainment. Our 100-acre studio campus contains resources and facilities that are compatible with productions of all sizes and budget levels.

“Our real strength rests in our human capital!” Our team is equipped to help clients navigate the on-the-ground nuances of pre-production, and direct them through a diverse roster of regional resources and experienced industry professionals.

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Creativity in the Heart of Memphis

What We Do


Film, TV and Streaming

A sprawling campus with the facilities to create, and the resources to bring a project to life.

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Content Creation

Сreative, experienced professionals with the training and passion required to tell human stories.

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Sync Licensing/ Publishing

An extensive catalog of original music, cultivated alongside music industry luminaries.

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Dream Big in Memphis

We Are Memphis

No matter where you are from, when you take part in our community, you can feel proud to say, “I Am Memphis”. This is especially true for the creatives who choose our city to bring their productions to life.

BLP Film Studios believes, that every project — from a low-budget pilot to a multi-million dollar epic — begins as a dream in a creative mind. As any filmmaker can attest, transforming that dream into a reality requires perseverance, imagination, and most of all, the resources to make creation as seamless as possible. 

That’s what we provide. Our infrastructure includes versatile filming spaces and editing suites. Our localized talent is capable of running the behind-the-scenes gamut. Our roster of regional business and service providers simplify pre-production. Our experts coordinate locations and tax obligations with local and state governments. Our partnerships supply an extensive catalog of original licensed music. 

All of this, courtesy of Memphis, Tennessee: a diverse, passionate community and multifaceted landscape that is positioned to take on the role of America’s freshest filmmaking epicenter. A place where creatives can become a part of our bold community, and have the freedom to join us in saying, “I Am Memphis”.

Lights. Camera. Action. Memphis…

Behind the Scenes

The beating heart of BLP Film Studios is our team — a diverse, multi-disciplinary collection of visionary professionals who are standing by to provide support for every part of the content creation process.

Lights. Camera. Action. Memphis…